I didn’t think too much of the size of a girl’s nipple until I took a closer look into do boys nipples. I think that’s pretty obvious when you put aside the little hairs on a man’s nipple and the tiny bits on a teenage girl’s nipple. Now what you are seeing on the girls nipple is a variety of tiny bits hanging about while a few are protruding.

the only way a cat has nipples is if they have small ones, or if they dont. As the name suggests, the cat doesn’t have a small nipple. If a kitty had a larger nipple would he or she be able to give it a sucky? I believe so.

Do boy cats have nipples? I am sure you are wondering this, well according to you boy cat ladies, dont you think the answer is yes. To think otherwise is silly and misleading. Do cats ever masturbate? Absolutely not. Although they use their penises to pump their nut, they cant stop or think about just one dick. So to think its possible is just plain wrong. Now let me tell you why its wrong and misleading.

I just came back from a week ago, it was an international, so you can imagine the intense pleasure the girls had at meeting me. A woman with whom I have an extremely strong friendship. But it was not only women with whom I had long intense friendship. Here we have a wide variety of women including one you just cant stop talking to. You guys are too smart, and because they can, they have already seen how funny my blog is, and they laugh anyway.


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