Dogs are curious and prone to showing a lack of control when it comes to caring for their own lives. You may be surprised to know these dogs shed a lot of hair in the fall and winter and shed even more after the dog comes in for the winter. In other words, winter is a time where dogs often develop more weight. Dangers to the health of a dog, as well as the life of the dog are some of the dangers that dogs are susceptible to.

Be sure to wear the correct safety equipment when you bring a dog home. A dog requires a special attention that a person is not usually required to provide. A visit to the veterinarian to get a blood test for the dog’s health and general behavior is the right step, however, not all dogs can be treated by that vet visit. It is always advisable to have a vet who knows canine behavior and can advise you on what to do.

If your dog is shedding a lot during the winter, we suggest you get a vet opinion on your dog and get an early, quick diagnosis, if your vet is not available or if the dog is a female. During her shedding, you should be concerned especially about her blood pressure and pulse. Old blog: A dog’s body is a home for a lot of bacteria and viruses. It’s time to find it out.

To be a healthy pet in a healthy community, we must know the dangers that a dog is in the first place. To that end, you can be the guardian of your dog. Learn to have a positive attitude no matter what your dog does.Be a part of the community at Boston Area Dog Day.

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