Do blueberries have seeds? What: Blueberries. What they are: This type of fruit that you eat and love. A delicious snack, a vitamin source, an appetite suppressant, a carmelized, rich and sweet treat, a good source of fiber, a health booster and a sweetening agent.

You would be surprised how frequently I have to remind clients they need a good source for fiber. But the best sources for fiber are the blueberries, and if you happen to be a red berry lover you should give them another shot.

You would be amazed by the number of times we have been confronted by clients who don’t know the best way to approach their spouse if there are a disagreement. We don’t expect them to learn the art of conflict resolution overnight. But they have to get to know their “other” and work as a team in order to make a good marriage work for them and for the people they love.


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