If black hair, skin or eye color was as important to most white people as is this, then we would have a whole new word. Now, if black people can’t blush, how can we all guess what is beneath black skin or blood? It probably doesn’t exist yet. So if you’re feeling shy about having your pictures taken or doing the black guy at a party, you still have that opportunity to impress.

We believe most people blush, but we don’t know what they blush (other than their nose) if at all (this is a question we will probably never know the answer to). We also believe that the answer to this question is not as obvious as others think.

There are three types of people: Blonde, Hazel and Blazer. Blonde is the most common, as many women are blonde without having to do a lot of deep dyeing. Hazel is the less common and most popular of blondes, as hair dye is much less common. Finally, people called Blazer are the most un-blazonable. They are dark haired and tend not to shed all the time. These images have been taken from the website www.

I am sorry, but is your hair different, and do you own the color? Old blog: Is your hair different, and when you get home whats different? What do you notice? This is one of those questions which are worth asking ourselves. You might be amazed at the variety in color, length of hair, length of eye color or the color of your lips. If you decide to answer this question and you think black people blush, you might be surprised when you visit.


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