In this episode of I Love Food, I try my very best to convince you: birds eat Japanese beetles.

Japanese beetles have a long history of becoming a favorite dining cuisine. In fact, just by looking at their shape, the Japanese have learned a great deal about nutrition. A delicious Japanese meal often consists of a small portion of rice, some noodles, a mound of kimchi, a small amount of shredded duck, steamed pork and salmon, and a cup of soy sauce.

There is so much information out there; so much to learn, so many different choices for a delicious and convenient meal plan. You might not have time to learn more details, but if your time is limited you are still far better than any of the birds.

A good way to begin your Japanese diet plan that you can stick to if the birds won’t take you. You don’t have to follow this detailed and exhaustive program, but simply stick to the guidelines that keep you in the best physical shape and maintain an active lifestyle.

In this episode of I Love Food, we learn the basics of the Japanese diet, how the Japanese practice their daily routines, and give our very own take on Japanese food and lifestyle. ————————————————————————————–The best thing you can do to create a great foundation for marriage and life success is to eat as much as you normally would. While your main goal should be to improve your marriage, being the best you can be isn’t your only goal.


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