In this article, we are not just going to focus on the lyrics of your favorite song, but rather on the lyrics that might not have you at all excited. The same is true for your everyday speech.

The first of the ten key exercises is: You could be listening to good music rather than writing, and that is good. Writing, regardless of how you feel about it, is part of the writing process. But writing is the process, and that is good too.

Do you always write good but not great lyrics? Does your writing style get in the way of good lyrics? That is, if the only form of writing that seems to be part of your creative process are words. I have always thought that it should not be a bad thing to mix the two parts of the creative process. But what has made it all the more tricky for me to do so is getting others to be willing to try.

What’s it like, to be a great listener? What are the traits of a great listener? It is an active type of listener, they must be willing to listen long and hard and, above all, willing to share thoughts with others.


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