“The best song lyrics have something to say to our hearts” and that’s exactly why we want the best song lyrics to be on this site. There is something to be said about lyrics that inspire, uplift, and resonate. With lyrics that move and inspire, you should expect to hear songs that are very different from your usual favorite music.

Song lyrics tell you what’s happening inside the mind – they offer insights to life in a positive way. By focusing on the message of the song, the creator of the lyrics will have the opportunity to share his or her own experience, thoughts, emotions, moods, and insights with listeners. ———————————————————————————————————– P.S.

As an advocate of new and innovative workout ideas, I thought that the first exercise would be to add some muscle density to the existing workout. Now I’m changing the name to “new ideas for a better workout”.

Do not fear of strength because it can be used.

This is the first time I use my computer for a full body workout. I like it because I can use my arms and I can use muscles I cannot touch due to my size. I am a big girl. Old post: The purpose of this workout should not be to put on a muscle, but to give you a great cardio workout. New post: I really like using the computer for a cardio workout! I love the speed my body reacts to my workout.


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