It’s not enough to simply play the right song. Even if no one is singing it, someone may be trying to sound off in your head and get you to feel something positive. So, how can you be sure they hit your brain? That’s the reason why I’m introducing this awesome app.

Do better lyrics. The app allows you to create multiple versions of a song and has the ability to alter each portion of the lyrics while holding on to your original one. Old blog: The lyrics of every song you hear on repeat will probably tell you how good you are not just in terms of words on your own song sheet but in terms of how well the songs you like sound together.

Here Im showing how to create a cool and easy verse. The next stage for verse creation is usually to break it down into two parts, like verse #1 and #2 or #1–2 and #3 or #1–2 to 3–4 and #4. #1 is usually the verse melody (if you can find it or get the lyrics) and #2 and #3 are usually how the song goes along, as well as what the chorus is.

If someone were to ask you to read the lyrics and sing them so as to create the perfect verse that could not be spoken, we know you are unlikely to give any reply, but that is the way this simple app puts it all together.You can read your own lyrics, search for your own lyrics, rate the chorus, listen to the chorus, and even compose a song on the piano and play your music in the correct arrangement or mix.


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