This fish has teeth and you might be the best bet to get the fish in touch with its ancestors. This is due to the fact that this fish uses a unique kind of camouflage. For instance, instead of simply appearing plain as the water they’re in, they will actually appear as if they have scales on their bodies. It is believed that this makes this fish look far more sophisticated.

This fish uses a similar technique to camouflage itself in the waters. This camouflage is especially useful if you want to dive with the fish, for example in the water. If you get the chance, dive with this fish.

Although this fish is not an endangered species, its habitat in Indonesia has been polluted so much lately that the natural fish habitat is in danger. This fish can be threatened due to overfishing and its natural predators, so the best thing to do is to prevent pollution and protect natural habitats. The idea is that this fish should be protected.

The concept is pretty common among the betta fish, who are known for being able to reproduce asexually. In the case of the betta, this means that they do not have eggs inside their body. Some betta fish lay hundreds of eggs, whereas the average betta fish has only a handful. When one egg is deposited in the water, however, the betta fish begins the entire process of cloning.

Do betta fish have fins, or are they fish-in-a-bottle? Old blog: If youve never heard anything before, this might take some getting your mind around, but when it comes to betta fish, this fish does not have fins.


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