There are no lungs to breathe the way bee have. Bumblebees and wasps are all they have. They have lungs, legs, wings and the ability to run through air. What’s more a bee can fly to a new location, to find a new food source and survive for long period of time. Our planet has about 1,700,000 species of bee, many of them unknown.

Bees not only have lungs! They use air as fuel to travel long distances. Bumblebees use an alternative way to get food, by walking on flower-shaped sticky honeycombs on stalks.

My father used to say, “Don’t talk to the bees!”. He was in favor of the honeycombs, but he believed that there was nothing wrong with our food web. As long as bees were able to make it home safely – and that’s often not the case – then all was clear.

Bees are not the only creatures that build and sustain their own homes. Most insects have a soft, resilient exterior structure, called an exoskeleton, that is created to withstand the intense temperatures the creature experiences in its habitat. Exoskeletons not only enhance an animal’s insulation and capacity to survive in extreme heat or cold, they can also be used to increase the animal’s mobility and speed, as well.

We need to talk. Let’s talk about a lot of subjects like what to do, to eat, to be loved, how to make friends, and when love comes out of the blue. Let’s discuss. Lets start it.Let’s talk about what we do, what we eat, what we like, what we like to eat, what we want, what we need, what we need to say. And other important questions like what we like to make – our own products.

I think we can look at all the various problems of women in the world and I think that the reason women suffer so much is because of lack of communication. In our communication, we tend to think that we should do everything with every other person. We believe that everybody should come to us with the same problem, same feelings, the same thoughts. But that is only the beginning.

Communication is key to happiness in your relationships. We need to have it, we need to feel it, we need to know it. That is the goal. But I think the best way to communicate is to share our feelings about an issue or problems. We must know that, we must know ourselves, our concerns. I think communication is important so that everyone gets it. We all have our own agenda. I believe this to be true.


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