To add a little fun to your day, take a sneak peek inside a power house at Do Base Electrical Co-op! Visit the store in the Spring and Winter time in this video. In the past when we’ve taken a trip to the park and had some fun, we’ve often found ourselves pulling a cord out of the ground! But for now all you have to do is pull that heavy power plug and the fun and laughter come to you.

A good base conductors electricity at home! In this post, I ll show you how to conduct electricity in your home at your own pace.

Learn about a great new home electronics system that will be of use for the future. A wireless system will be connected to your tablet or smartphone to allow you to watch your favorite TV show with ease and allow you to play games and even do any online activities. It will also include the ability to control your entertainment system and your lighting system so you can set those around you to the right levels for the seasons.

This is a great device used to create energy when youre doing chores or when youre waiting for a train to take you to your job, you can create and distribute energy with a home energy system and even generate energy in the home for your children to utilize. It might even increase the output of your energy systems to produce more than you normally would. Old blog: What many have been asking for is a home energy system.

What a great idea. This is a home energy saving battery powered electrical system with a timer and an energy storage tank. The system connects to a portable phone charger and turns on automatically at the same time as you are using the charger. This saves you energy because you are using the phone charger as your sole source of power. A battery is included in the case so youll always have it close by. Old blog: This system would be very nice to have.

There are a lot of items at our local Goodwill store that we dont need, some that make us feel great and some we need to get rid of. In an effort to show off the fact that youll have an empty and unused trunk of fun in this post, weve included a few items for you that are good to keep on hand that arent necessarily items that we definitely have to have or something to really get up in our living room.

Do you have the right kind of kitchen tools for the perfect mealtime recipe? Then a kitchen aid program is for you. This handy tool allows you to cook and bake right away using a pressure cooker for dinner or a blender for smoothies, with its built in thermometer to help you make small adjustments.


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