As much as we love the “Thou shall” dictum, we believe that sometimes it just doesn’t have to get in the way of our behavior. That’s why we offer many different paths and ideas into your day with the help of our custom daily planners at

Do as thy wilt, Do as thy will, weve put together a guide for the world which will show anyone interested in the art of personal transformation and self-development to discover the methods that will work for them.

We offer a complete and detailed breakdown of the 4 core disciplines of the self-improvement industry. We cover everything from mental health services and mindfulness to physical fitness and bodybuilding, from spirituality and self-love to spiritual principles and self-defense. We also cover specific exercises designed to help you achieve your goals, including the best exercises for you in each discipline.

This was the biggest surprise for us. We have finally found out who our real customers are, after all this time… The people who go out of their way to buy our work, and then continue to be loyal customers. If that’s you, why not treat yourself to a personal consultation with one of our certified counselors? New blog: No, they will never be.

We love our customers and the people who shop at New blog: The people who shop at our store, or even come inside. We love talking sales, and if you dont come to the showroom, we want you to come and meet us in the office. If you live nearby, we can drive and pick you up. We love new product ideas that we cant wait to share with everyone, and we have come up with a new custom product line.

After years of struggling with anxiety, anger, jealousy, and self-hatred, youve found a new lease on joy. This could be the happiest and most joyous moment of your life, but its not complete until you change what makes you happy.You may need to take some time out, but we guarantee youll be back again and again. This is the best time to enjoy yourself in a non-stressful environment where youre totally comfortable.


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