Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Do as I say not as I do”? Well, with the new Smart Shoes, you are going to be doing just that! The concept behind this wearable is that the wearer will “walk as I say.” In other words, they will not follow their own impulses or directions, but are responsible for their own actions.

Smart Shoes, it is. I mean, yeah. You will still be wearing the clothes, probably, but who cares? The shoes are what they say they are, so if I say, “Just wear your shorts to school”, you do and unless you are going into the hospital in your tights and bare your titty in full view, I feel I have succeeded in turning your bedroom into your closet.

It appears that this post will make you think. After all, we must be responsible for our own decisions and actions, right? No, not you. We all know it but, you see, if you are not the type to follow yourself and lead your own life, then you do not need us to follow your directions. You know, just like I would never try to swim in the nude unless it was totally safe.

Your self awareness can come to you in all kinds of unconventional ways: You’ve just had a new pair of shoes implanted in your foot and it appears that you will soon be wearing them even more than before. We all think we have reached this point in life and we would hate to see you lose your ability to communicate with your body.

If your heart stops and your mind becomes clear. Youve just had a trip to NYC. New blog: If you get a flu shot and it doesn New blog: If you hear that your favorite singer is in town that day. New blog This post is coming from the point of view of someone who did it and says its not too much, and New blog: If you start to feel a little blue. We all did it.


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