Archaea are so much more complex than any cell and have so many different features. With the exception of prokaryotes, archaea appear to be the only organisms that have all of these features. Many researchers believe that archaea probably originated in the sea about three billion years ago where some of the oldest remains of life on earth. Many of these earliest forms of life, though, were eventually transformed into complex life forms, such as animals, because of their need for special energy resources.

A fascinating and surprising chapter in archaeology is the discovery that many archaea show differences in composition from their simplest life forms. These differences have led to the notion that these complex organisms could be very different from what they think they are.

We reveal 15 secrets of a successful marriage in three different types of conversation. These include talking about your feelings, the relationship you have with your partner and how you have been treated by the person you are in a relationship with. Talk about the feelings you have about the way your partner is treating the person you love – why you think this is happening. Talk about the choices you have made, including marriage. It is important to talk about what is frustrating you, and how you feel about it.

The book reveals 15 surprises you might not have known about your mate but the first few pages are certainly worth reading. This chapter provides some of the most important clues ever found about how the human brain works and the secrets we can unlock about how the brain works and how we solve conflicts in our own marriages.

We discuss the things that will have the greatest impact on your marriage. We examine your relationship to your partner by asking the question: are you married or engaged, how long has marriage been on your list, are you married with a boyfriend, or you might be the one thinking this is the end of your relationship? The importance of the marriage question may seem obvious considering that most readers can tell you what it is asking.

Talk about your feelings. The first time you hear someone say, “I miss you,” the first thing that comes to your mind is…“Oh my God… I just miss you.” But how do you know when you miss a love, an ex-colleague, someone you’ve lost track of, your partner can go on forever? The secret to getting over a relationship issue is to stop being so hard on ourselves.


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