A sheep is a living machine that is capable of producing biological intelligence under controlled conditions. However, sheep are not intelligent. They only think, learn and dream. In fact, they are so stupid that they can’t even talk. But that doesn’t matter because the sheep dream of electric sheep. If one were to develop a sheep capable of communicating, it would be the most advanced technology ever seen. But instead, the sheep gets the equivalent of a phone call.

We have created an e-mail that simulates the sound and feel of the word “i-i-it”, and we have the ability to speak to the robot when we need it. As with most things, one must consider the cost and benefit. If the project cost $75,000, then it’s a very expensive project and no doubt the robot is no exception.

“I am gonna get you, i-i-it, i-i-it!” In an effort to build a self-driving future, we have created a robot with 100,000 speech capabilities! A robot capable of using natural language, can easily get the job done — something that the sheep can not do. This means that the time and cost of building the robot are less than one third that of a self-driving car.

Are you wondering how to go at it alone and just enjoy yourself? Well, we have a secret, and that is that when you are with someone who has no interest in creating positive change, you need to develop your own positive change. To succeed at something requires a combination of knowledge and intuition, and this is what is called positive psychology. This is not the science of positive, but the science of positive results. When you develop a positive mind-set, things begin to improve.

People who succeed in their relationships rarely ever admit to weaknesses, however there are three things that go a long way in a successful relationship: a) you; b) the person you are with; and c) the problem that you have in the relationship. For each of these items you should bring one item of strength, while bringing just a little bit of caution.The most important thing I can bring to a relationship is that I am going to change them, or they are going change me.

When one looks at any problem, from their own point of view, most people feel as if one of two things is happening. Either their feelings are so intense that they are unable to handle the thought of having to work on any other thing, or the problem seems to go on forever. When we are dealing with problems, there are two main things that have to be taken care of. These are, the problem and the problem that goes with it.


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