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Here are some of the best tips that you can follow to achieve a successful marriage, which include avoiding negative behaviors that hinder a relationship (neg. couples tend to be inattentive, unenthusiastic, jealous, resentful, defensive and etc.

A positive environment is a good environment. So if you don’t see your spouse when you come home, it means that he/she is home but not home. Being home should mean that you are engaged in healthy and enjoyable activities without negative expectations or expectations.

Do as much as you can to find an activity that you enjoy and want to repeat. A simple activity is to take on simple new challenges each and every day. Take the challenge to the streets; take the challenge to the grocery store; take the challenge to the park; take the challenge to your favorite spot. The more you do, the happier you would feel and you are getting more accomplished because you will always be doing new things.

If, like me, you are in an abusive relationship with your spouse and your spouse and/or children are abusive to you, we recommend hiring an experienced divorce attorney to take on the case, as this is the most cost effective defense you can have in a case of domestic violence. This attorney will be trained to protect your best interest in your case, including defending and settling your case. If you wish to learn more, our attorney’s website is www.

If your marriage is over you need to look at your self and see if you are a bad person who deserves to be treated and punished by the legal system. For example, does your self need to go to jail for a divorce. Does the person that was abusing you deserve to have you go to jail for abuse and abuse that person. This is the point when your marriage ends and it’s on your child and future family.

The best solution for your relationship is to take a stand and stand for what you want them to be. Take a strong stand, take an honest stand when it comes to your value and happiness in your relationship, and go against what this person believes you to be. I have said it time and time again, take this stand against who this person is and take a stand against who they think you are. The choice is yours. Let them be the bully and get your way.


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