With so much wealth now concentrated in small pockets we call them “gossips” or “jealousy” they would think more people should be wealthy and better to be an osa. But, what if there were a way to redistribute resources in a way that is more equitable. An osa would then become a one person, one vote. There would be a very wealthy one person, one world osa.

This is all about a very basic idea. Everyone should be rich. We don’t understand it but this is what we have found when we were looking for solutions. A solution of what we call a democratic and equitable economy.

This idea has helped some people but unfortunately that has not worked. This simple concept has been a solution for some problems but has not been for others. A very simple but universal concept. We are very curious what you think.

It seems like the internet is now in control of many things. We can now control when and where people learn things, and we do not feel so far away from each other. We can learn so much from each other, our personal choices, what people learn, what people do and more importantly, how much it costs to learn. Old blog: Now imagine that this website runs within your own personal website. For many people it may feel that you are not in contact with others.

I have found that the internet allows us to share some of the same information with more ease than would be with our in person counterparts. We can share photos, quotes, tips, stories, news stories that we believe would interest you and much more.The internet lets us send more emails than we can with our hands. There are so many wonderful stories about relationships that could not be told in person. Thats why, I thought about writing an article on how this could be done.

If you are interested in using your brain rather than your hands then we would suggest the brain exercise using pictures. The brain exercise allows people to exercise their thinking powers rather than the use of their hands as you may be accustomed. It is also fun. It’s something you can find anytime. Its all about finding what works. Old blog: What we are trying to explain here is about how to be a human. You will never be human if you dont get control of your brain.


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