What has differentiated an oligopoly? it’s in fact the existence of multiple firms specializing in specialized goods. There are several types of differentiated oligopolies. In the case of a retail drug store, there might be only one generic drug store which exists to serve everyone on the street, no other drug store would compete with the existing one. Differentiated oligopolies exist not only between drug stores but also within an existing drug store for any specialized type of drug or product.

Differentiated oligopolies allow for the existence of multiple drug stores, and as such, this is not only good for everyone but also beneficial to society as a whole.

As with a retail drug store, you might have only one or, a slightly larger company. For example, in the case of a healthcare company, you might have many different hospitals to serve the people with their specialized healthcare. Differentiated oligopolies are not only good for the people but may also benefit the communities as a whole.

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“You love your parents more than anything you have or can ever have and you want more of them. What should you do?”“I still love you and even though I have no intention of leaving you, I can see your perspective on this relationship and I want more of you.


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