Many of us spend our entire day watching television with our backs facing a screen. Those of us who spend our mornings in front of a computer may not have as many back issues with those sitting next to us. The difference between people being at each other with their legs, arms, or backs facing out from a computer, tv, or phones may make it even better for us to have our backs on something more stable to support us in a task at hand, such as writing.

If you are sitting, sitting, or walking there is not a better choice. A chair should always be the first thing we see when we encounter it, unless we are sitting with a leg up. A cushion is not needed unless you are sitting in a chair on the floor or while walking.

Many of us spend most of our workdays at desktops, with laptops and mobile devices in the background. As you age, these devices begin to cause you to lose focus on your objectives and, often, take you away from your work.

If you are an engineer or doctor, it is easier to carry around a notebook of papers than to be lost in your computer. Our job is the same as an engineer or doctor. We are doctors of medicine, who also practice the art of medicine, in order to save lives. We are engineers too, like the physician, when it comes to designing a new invention that saves lives or helps those who have been injured.

I am an engineer and I love to keep my work neat and organized (of the technical or physical nature) with a pen and paper. One of my greatest pleasures when you reach the end of your workweek is getting back on your computer to see what you have accomplished. I’m a believer that if you are working on something, it doesn’t go away with time.

In order to keep up with the trends, business experts all share the same passion to make the world a more connected place. We look at the Internet as a tool to make the world a more connected place. Internet is a huge, and I mean HUGE opportunity, to get out more, share ideas, learn to communicate in a faster manner, and to create a collaborative network of business leaders who are more connected to the business world.

My name is Peter, and I’m a full-time business professional. I have worked as an owner, manager, executive, and chief executive for over 27 years. If you need me, I am your partner. My goal is to help you create a strong, healthy, prosperous and lasting business.

This is what we are doing. Our motivation is getting to our clients as quickly as possible since that is the best tool we have available to us.


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