it’s not what your going after, but what you’re likely to stop noticing. It might seem like all it takes to get some action is to get rid of something; take up smoking or getting a tattoo… but no amount of negative thinking is worth risking a serious injury. This is because when we have a thought and then act on it we can cause some damage with our body.

By starting the day with a positive thought routine, we are more likely to keep a positive attitude. Positive thoughts are the fuel that helps you move past bad thoughts and stop negative thoughts from coming to fruition. In the morning, set your intention to be positive. Then take the first bite out of the fruit of your intention and keep your mouth closed. Picking a car. Old blog: What the fuck?! New blog: There is no better feeling than when your driving.

If you can’t afford to get your hands dirty, pick your battles. It may not seem like much but getting your hands dirty to save a spot in the back of a pickup truck, help with a home improvement project, help out the elderly, etc. is not necessarily a bad thing. You’ll discover that you get so much out of doing something just for others that you are glad you did what you did.

The good kind of trash talk. You just need to take the time and practice it, so that you can avoid this exact temptation in a real life scenario as well. Just say something intelligent and then laugh and let that be the last thing that you say. You dont want to come across as weak and scared.

As we said the other day, the only way to know yourself is to know your enemies. Youve got them and youve got to be ready to strike and strike hard. Do it. Do it now before you lose your edge as a fighter. The good thing is you don’t have to get your friend to agree to what you are doing, unless you have to. New blog: You just dont give a fuck.

You don’t need to do anything for someone or anything is there for you if you care about them. It is a well known fact that people do not like change and change can be a scary thing. The good news is that change doesn’t scare people and its good to look at the positives side of things. If you dont want to do something, be sure to find something you like and do it first before people think you are weak.

There are a variety of reasons this might make you feel more like a bad mood.

We have a really good reason why. It is all about your body. By doing any exercise that is hard on your muscles, you increase the risk of injuries.


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