The internet, and especially the smartphones that are connected, can be an endless source of entertainment. There is a saying that goes, “If you’re bored, you are never bored. If you’re bored, you are never lonely.” That’s an interesting theory. That can also be true of reading. I read a lot of books, but I have a serious passion for reading the words of the characters and that’s one of my reasons why I write fiction.

Today, more women than ever know that healthy, balanced diet is just as important as exercise. When you choose to eat more healthily, you avoid certain illnesses altogether. In a good marriage, meals are planned, and in order to accommodate your partner, your kitchen will be a little more hectic, but all things considered, that should fit your lifestyle. NEW blog: Men are different than women.

Many relationships are really made over a year and a half but there is another time to think and plan. A marriage makes sense in the context of its growth and longevity. A successful marriage has a certain amount of time, and that is not so if the expectations are unrealistic. If you have expectations that you want your marriage to last a year, you set yourself up for failure.

The only time you should be bored is when you cant accomplish what you want. The key to a marriage is the ability to communicate with one another. In this day and age, there are so many ways to show us. The way you show us is the way we see. The same goes for how we feel about you. It is not always about the words we use. It is what makes us feel good about you.

The first sign that you might be having a break-up is when things start getting strange and you aren’t quite sure why. Are you sure your man really wants to stop? After a breakup, it is natural for partners to have conflicts. Those conflicts will often be verbal.

In my early (1990s) years of marriage, there would be times when I would need to make a decision that seemed completely unreasonable. When that happened, I would ask my wife, “Is this really it?”, and she would say, “It isn’t”. Then I would respond, “How do you know?” and she would ask, “You’ve never been in this situation before.”.


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