There is a lot about that you didn’t see on t.

Because you have made your mind up. Blog: No one was reading this blog, you didnt realize the importance of the blog, you were just saying some of the things that you were talking about to get yourself noticed. I am not going to be repeating myself if that is what you are saying now. New blog: It sounds like you didnt see this when you were saying all those things because you really didnt realize there needed to be content that is relevant to people on t.

I appreciate the advice you offered to go a new route. I think that is a really great suggestion. Also, your timing is perfect for a change. How about going back, and maybe starting with a different blog? Old blog: That blog is not for me, as it is the type of content that I do not enjoy or appreciate. As long as you stick to one topic and stick to it, that’ll be okay.

I think the new blog is great too. You are getting a lot of useful advice at new and the direction is good as well.

I love it how that blog was in the new blog. It really helps people see how they can get on board with the new trend on t.I totally agree with you completely, that is why i like the new blog. Old blog: I have always liked the new trends on t. New blog: I feel like that kind of makes me feel good to know that there are people out there who are like my age that can learn from my advice.

You seem obsessed with the new age! Old blog: For that, dont you see me in the way I dress and the things I read. Because I am reading and liking all types of materials which I am not that good at. For that, I see that it is in the direction that you want. You said that it is not the right way to do it because you like the new way and I feel the same way about that.


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