The goal of this food blog is to help you gain knowledge and gain weight-consciousness without having to starve yourself. You have to have a good idea of what makes for a healthy snack for any given time period. The food blog is about preparing healthy foods that can lead to weight loss without actually depriving yourself of anything.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to start eating like a duck — one healthy, delicious meal, even just a bowl of cheddar cheese soup, is all it takes. This blog teaches you how to make a smoothie in a pinch when you don’t have an entire food pantry at home. We’ll also introduce you to the various recipes and cooking techniques for those who get hungry before too long.

The great part about this blog is all of the good and healthy snacks that you can create in small home kitchen kits. The recipes that we have compiled provide you with a great, healthy diet that you can create from scratch without a ton of effort. You can eat this way for a meal, or you can have it along with your favorite meal. Make sure to check out all the great recipes in this blog as soon as you can.

This healthy blog will have you eating like a duck, not a pig! The recipes are healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare. The recipes come from some of the best, most creative minds in the food-blogosphere. The foods can be made with just about anything, from beans to vegetables to grains.

All recipes are from popular, award winning, authors in the food scene. This blog will be more than a food-blog – it will be a virtual diary of your favorite foods, foods you eat but never think about and foods that will bring you joy! Some may be new to your tastes, but some were introduced by those who love food for breakfast, lunch, or an after dinner snack, and this cookbook will give you the inspiration for that.

Get to know the best of the best in the food world. Learn all you can about chefs, restaurateurs, health & wellness professionals, farmers, and of course, food, and of course, food-bloggers. How do you eat like a pro in the world of food and health; and how do you eat like the health conscious professional? Find out here.


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