If you’re into natural foods, take your dietary needs into your own hands and cook the foods you get your moccasins on. If you’re anything like most people, you spend way too much time watching TV and not making the effort to clean up your dirty dishes after dinner. But with the increasing number of options available to individuals everywhere, you can make cooking not just more convenient but also healthier.

Whether you’re a health-conscious diner or a self proclaimed carnivore, this is a terrific primer on natural eating for folks that eat organic and non-GMO.

When you dont have that much money or time, you dont have to be too picky when it comes to grocery shopping. The good news is that because of its freshness, natural foods are far easier to digest, and you dont have to be concerned with what the expiration date says about its value.

This is one post I will be writing regularly (it’s been about 6 months) about my health. I have no intention in killing myself for my health. I will, however, continue to promote other things that are not very healthy. I would like to continue to support companies that put time and energy into products that are sustainable. For instance, I would like companies to start sponsoring the World Land Trust to keep people aware of sustainable solutions for their environments.

This is the most controversial post on my personal blog. I am against companies putting health and environmental considerations with their products. As an entrepreneur, I couldnt do it. But as a wife and mother, I could. I would like it for my kids to know and understand that it is important to support my husband and myself. I also would like to start a facebook and twitter page.

This time we are doing something a little odd and maybe a little different. We have decided to start a facebook/twitter page to encourage and educate folks on my new blog. **I know it is odd for some of you, that I was the first woman to blog, but I was very new and didn’t have the self confidence to blog so I started with my friend, who didn’t like it.

A little different for a different reason. We have this idea about how women could blog. We dont really know how to do it and we are excited to see what others have to say! We just want to give someone else an opportunity to do that if she is the right person and can provide the right information.We are going to be very specific about the topics we blog on, as well as the topics we dont.


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