A diamond is a rough diamond, also known as a faceted diamond. This is because of the facets that are arranged in a regular pattern. The weight of a diamond is the total of a diamond’s volume, mass, and surface area.

We are in love with the idea of a ring. However, for us that is a diamond, so why wouldn’t it be also? We will share our diamond-making ideas and inspiration with you. For us, there is no better time than now to start a new chapter in our jewelry-making journey—we believe we have found the exact diamond to add to our unique collection.

In the diamond industry, the carat, or carat, is the measurement of the weight of a diamond on an inch scale, on a gram scale, or on a carat scale.1 carat is a measurement of about 0.0742 of a gram. That means 1 carat is a diamond of 1/5th of a carat, or 0.0744 carat.

We do not sell or endorse diamond jewelry.

We show you how to make and use diamonds and the best brands, Old blog: The diamond industry today, and back in the old days when people used to collect diamonds, was filled with scams and frauds, and many people lost their hard earned money on a whim. We want to change that. We’ve uncovered so many ways of people tricking them into buying diamonds with such low price tags, that we’ve decided to make it our mission to stop it.

How to Make a Diamond Jewelry Old blog: How to Make a Diamond Jewelry. What is it? Where does it come from? Can you make it at home? Will you have the stones you want? We will all be able to answer these questions and lots more, once we get started with our jewelry making with you.


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