You’ve heard of The Diamond Kitty. He always wins at all the kitty games. For the uninitiated, there are plenty of kitties you can have your very own diamond kitty experience with. But why should you care if the animals that live up to such a long list come from the same household? There are also pet kitties who aren’t available to the average citizen, and these pets do get around and breed.

While diamonds live in kitty world, no one would be surprised that the same standards apply to our very own flesh and blood. The diamond kitty is a diamond. We are human, too, just by virtue of the fact that we are all born with diamonds in our genes. But the same quality of diamonds as they move through space and time also make it as much a part of our bodies as their genetic material.

Why a kitty needs to be around, too. Our pets provide us with companionship, security and love. We wouldn’t feel complete as humans without them.

You dont own the diamond kitty – you dont really need to! In order for us to take care of a kitty we must be there for them. In other words, we should love them, or be there for them and know what they need in the best possible way.

I was walking around last week when I met a kitty, a big black and white bunny that was on my mind. I walked by it many times, but a little later, he walked out and sat right beside me. I sat down and we were chatting when he looked up and said, “Well… my name is Kitty. And I am the best cat you could ever imagine… And I do this for you. I love you as much as you love me.

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