the “Ways We are Not Alone in the Universe” blog is about the interwoven ideas that unite us each and every day. The “World’s Largest Conversation with a Purpose” blog is an invitation to be heard and to learn from each other’s perspective. This week’s topic explores the connection between science, technology, and human flourishing.

Dialogue Prompts are a great way to start conversations.

Dialogue prompts have been around for centuries. Today’s tools include texting, email, and other social media technologies that allow dialogue partners to share their thoughts and ideas. The #1 way people connect on Twitter has to do with conversations. And the #1 way you connect with your family on Instagram is through the lens of conversation.

It is not always easy talking to your spouse or other adults, we struggle so much with this. So why not set aside an hour each week and work on creating a dialogue between yourself. Talk about your successes, struggles, dreams, passions and other topics that bring you pleasure.

How to have a healthy conversation w/ Your Partner. This week’s dialogue prompt is about how to have a “healthy” dialogue w/ your partner. Be honest with your partner, make sure you’re both open and honest with each other, and discuss in a way that creates respect and empathy.This question, like every of this week’s dialogue prompt, gets me into another groove.


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