Dialectical Tensions is an art of writing in which two or more authors, speaking to each other in different social or economic contexts, try to understand each other as fully and completely as possible. The basic elements of their argument are usually, a set of concepts or issues that the parties find relevant in one, and in the other. The purpose of the dialogue is simply to show the complexity of the issues at stake.

Dialogue is at the heart of understanding the complexities of interpersonal relationships. As with any art form, it takes multiple artists working together to form a beautiful sculpture, yet it is the dialogue between these artists that transforms a piece of work into a unique piece. Dialogues give us the opportunity to understand and then convey the beauty and subtleties of an experience we take for granted.

As with all art forms, it comes down to timing. Many artists, including painters and sculptors, paint on a one-day deadline, the end of a set plan, whatever is needed for the completion of their work. On the other hand, dialogues take time to write so a single painting or sculpture can be an intricate and satisfying work of art. In your relationship as an artist, you want to develop a unique style that will bring beauty to the world.

Let’s talk, there’s something I want to give you Old blog: We talk, there’s nothing wrong with that. We take things as they come and share our own opinions in a calm environment while sharing our own experiences.We talk, our words can be heard by others because we all speak a kind of language, a code of sorts. It is a way of communicating with the world that can be used anywhere and to anyone.

The two of you will each speak in your own in your own in your own voice and without the intention of being noticed. We will share our views and share our insights about your relationship, your feelings, your concerns, your likes and dislikes. For example, when your relationship is changing and you’re not always positive, you might open up and share your feelings about what you’re doing and see if anyone else has the same thought or feelings or are surprised.


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