We are playing diablo 3 right now and that doesn’t really sound like much of an introduction but if you want to get to know the game, you’ll most likely enjoy.

Our most popular video game to date! New blog: In her new video blog, Dixie Carter shares her love for the Diablo franchise so you can enjoy another great addition to the Diablo 3 library.

The “Dixie Dudes: The Final Countdown” (Dixie Carter is the first woman to receive the highest honor from the Diablo franchise, and the first player to receive the Diamond of Diablo 3.)The new blog will focus on Diablo and some Dixie Dudes. Find out what they do with the Diablo 3 game and get lost in their thoughts.

We go to the gym at dixie Carter’s birthday and share that time is money in the new blog Diplo x Dixie Carter. We have a lot of love for the Dixie Carter and she’ll make a fun addition to DLP’s blog about everything related to the studio and the company.

Our guest today is the founder of a new fitness service. Old blog: I came into this gym as a teenager. While I would tell you to “go to the gym…but there is no gym in this world”, there definitely is a gym to work out in. My first workout was a basic cardio workout called the WOD (i.e. Workout of the Day).

We are about to enter the new and exciting blog The WOD. Work out of the day. I dont think i can describe the feeling that the WOD gives me. It is a mix of happiness and fear. It is a feeling a great mix of excitement and nervousness. It is a feeling I will never forget. We talk about this WOD all the time.

I want that to last a long time and not change. I want the WOD to fade from my life. I was born in an unhappy marriage. So I love this blog because I am able to share my struggles with my readers. So that means I am able to share that stuff with you. I have this really great blog with tons of pictures and stuff.

It is not just the gym that inspires me. I like to write in my notebooks and my journal and I am a fan of writing and I love to create things (books, poetry, music, etc…) and I feel like with all the time that I am spending in the gym I should be doing that.


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