Beijo is a Brazilian restaurant that makes authentic, fresh, and tasty dishes, including an array of authentic dishes inspired by the country’s cuisine.

We are going to visit Diago for the first time today, in order to discover first-hand how the traditional Portuguese cuisine is prepared and how the restaurant has evolved. Today, most of the food is a combination of Portuguese and local products; for example, for a main meal we will be served a soup and main with local cheese, seafood and Portuguese rice. New blog: The menu here is quite extensive since it includes a wide array of delicious main course dishes and light appetizers.

We just celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary and have been busy with our busy family. We are now back home at our family apartment to enjoy our time together. Of course, that means we don’t have much time to make our meal. But I’m glad to know that the traditional dishes of Portugal are all there and it will be so delicious to eat what we prepared with the rest of our family.

We are going to enjoy a special dinner tonight with our family since we dont have much time for cooking. Im glad that the traditional Portuguese dishes are ready to taste. It will serve as a feast to welcome us back home, and our lovemaking.


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