I am the type of guy who walks for exercise and to stay connected to the world around me rather than just the world in my head. It’s important to me that my actions, mental and physical, are in alignment with who and who I want to be. So, if it were possible for me to go back in time and wake up a new generation or take part in a dream I had while I was in high school, I’d want to be a writer.

dewayne can show you how to “wanna be where you are”. Dewayne, what are some of your passions? what are some hobbies? what sort of people inspire you?what are your plans during the day or in the future? New blog: I am all kinds of different when it comes to hobbies and what I do. Im learning to swim with dolphins. I love to read, and even though my English isnt perfect I know it will all improve as I study.

I have dreams, ideas, and plans which may or may not come true if I allow myself to dream. The difference is I have goals in place.

Well thats the type of guy who lives life with out fear. So to me its all about fear, anxiety and self doubt to not just to be the best you can but to be the best and live life knowing it has possibilities and if hes not afraid then you are definitely not afraid. We have to always question our fears and the reality that we just live life and be comfortable with it. So here are a few reasons I want to be where you are..

Why I want my kids to be where my kids are Old blog: This is a very serious topic and needs to be taken very seriously by anyone with a child. New blog: My life motto Old blog: You will be what you think you can be and you may not know it, but this is truth. New blog: I dont get angry, but I fight.

As long as there is life in the world there is possibility to be happy. Life is never truly easy, it can be discouraging and challenging, but when you learn to be patient, love yourself, and have an optimistic attitude, you can become the happy person that you want to be. Learn to love yourself and be who you want to be – whatever success may bring you.

This is the only secret you need to know about the marriage. Old blog To not fall into an early demise but rather to create your own demise is a true challenge and a true gift that we should cherish and nurture. New blog No, I will not make an exception for you. Don’t think that you can be more than the best you can be. There is no exception for you.


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