A study by University of Kentucky found the behavior of students and the quality of their education are directly impacted by peer pressure; and for those under pressure, peer pressure is the biggest contributor to their lack of self-discipline. Peer pressure leads to a “social jet lag.” When you live under constant pressure to be perfect, you spend even more of your life striving to be “accepted” into the group that you’re trying to fit in with.

If you are in a situation where you are expected not to make a mistake, it is your job to always be the first to apologize and to stand back in the crowd at a function or another important function. This shows a desire to give of oneself and be an asset to others. In most situations where you have to make a big decision, do so yourself.

The truth is simple — your health is your responsibility. Most people take it for granted and believe the myth that anyone could do anything. However, if your lifestyle doesn’t align with what your doctor recommends then the consequences are serious.

I like to call this attitude “Don’t be a sinner”. I believe that if people truly took the time to go after their health problems and to change their lifestyles that the result could be monumental. The key is to take the initiative to take control over your health and to put your health before your pocket book.

If you want healthier living, begin today by taking an honest look at your habits, lifestyle, and daily exercise. Start by making a list of everything that you have been doing. Take a look at how much time and energy you use in those moments. Next, put those lists into a notebook and start working out at the park. Or you could make a video for your friends, or your family, or anyone that you care about.


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