It’s no secret that the world’s older population is increasingly turning to the United States as the nation’s leading source and destination nation for job and other skilled labor. While the United States’ elderly population has been growing, the country’s unemployment rate has remained stable–despite the fact that the economy is growing.

The question no one asks is how much you care about your loved ones. The fact is that while many people care deeply about their family and friends, they care even more about their neighbors and their community. This is true whether you spend more time with one family member on a given day or whether you attend an extended visitation of other friends and family.

We have all been told that no matter how hard you work, or how passionate you are about what you do, no matter how hard you try, it will never pay off. What many workers fail to grasp though is that each day, whether you do it on the job or at home, you will have to start from square one with no money being paid to begin with. It is possible to make enough money during your working career but not enough to retire with.

We take the next step further than ever in creating a life that is affordable, convenient and fulfilling. Now that the “American Dream” has been transformed into “My Financial Freedom”, the goal is to achieve the dream of a financially stable retirement, to help you live on a lifestyle that suits your lifestyle. We started the blog in 2009 after receiving a letter from our local college saying, “The class needs its own website for students and faculty members who wish to do more coursework.

We share how we went from making $5,000 in six months to a six figure income in a few years on this very blog. This is a story of a woman who became an entrepreneur on this site and how you too can achieve financial independence. Old blog: We share stories about our life, our personal struggles, and everything we do to help others. New blog: How to make online money, free money, instant cash.


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