A parallel (or orthogonal) vector is one that is perpendicular to the line from a fixed source to its point of observation. A perpendicular (or not) vector is one that is parallel to the same line, but in a different direction. This is a discussion of vectors in vector space, which are like coordinates used to describe an object.

A vector always points in the same direction if it is not parallel and one always points in the direction that is perpendicular to another, like the arrows in a graph. In vector space we define which vectors we can create, and where they intersect.

We consider that, in vector space, every vector is either parallel, perpendicular or neither.

A vector is parallel to the line from a fixed source to its point of observation if the lines intersect at the point of that vector. We define that any vector that is parallel to another vector is called a scalar, which is one of the three dimensions needed to define vectors. We also define that a scalar is any unit vector.The idea of parallel and orthogonal vectors is important when we analyze these vectors in the field of computer science.

A vector that is orthogonal to a particular line is called a unit vector.This is a discussion of scalars. In general terms, a unit vector is any scalar.It can also be seen as the set of all vectors with the same magnitude that are perpendicular to a given vector. We can represent the unit vector by its angle with the given unit vector.

If you wish to have a successful relationship with another person, then you must find the vector of attraction and be able to work on both of your parts to create this vector. You must also be able to get into a productive discussion and not just agree on everything. When this discussion has reached a level above the conversation, then the vector will point in your partner’s direction.

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