If you have ever read vectors, you know that if u is parallel to u’ then v can be considered orthogonal. The problem is that not all vectors are parallel or orthogonal. For instance, if u = <7, 2>, v = <21, 6> then we say that they are neither parallel nor orthogonal.

Find out what vectors u and v are when u, v, and two vectors have orthogonal vectors; and u is a line, then v is a line and u is neither parallel nor orthogonal.

A simple way to solve these kinds of equations is to consider their polar form. Using two vectors and a third to write an equation can get tough when all three get rotated. So we give out our polar form. This is the formula: If uand v are linearly perpendicular then u and v are either parallel or orthogonal If u and v are copolar then u is a line, v is also a line, but u and v cross and form a right angle.

We show you a very basic tutorial on how this all works in the polar form. The basic rule of thumb is to use the angle you are looking for in the polar form, but also keep in mind that every other direction matters! If you have to flip a circle through and back then use the perpendicular as well.

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