Parallel lines are known to be one of the earliest indicators of problems. A bad angle between the lines would create a kink and cause problems in the product. With the software developed for the technology, it is now possible to determine if two lines are parallel or intersecting.

Another indicator that two lines are intersecting is the presence of an intersection point between the lines. It is also common to see one of the lines cross over the other and a skewer is formed. With this software, it is now possible to determine if two lines intersecting are parallel or skew.

With the software we offer, we are able to determine if both axes are skew or not. One thing to note here is that when the software does determine that two angles are intersecting or skew, you should be able to determine the point of intersection. How many inches of fat to add on your belly? That’s the question that many of us ask. The answer is a big fat ‘yes’ and a ‘No’.

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