In this video lecture we will cover the basic of water (water vapor and liquid water) mass when in equilibrium. We will also introduce the energy and the momentum, and how we can express the mass of the water in two different ways.

In this video, we will analyze the equation of mass in general, and the mass of an ideal crystal in specific.

What do you notice about the shape and colors of the light? Old blog: What are the differences between black water and white water? This video will take you through all the physical differences between black water and white water. New blog: A good, sturdy, waterproof shoe is an essential part of a comfortable walking and running shoe. These days, we are exposed to more and more materials and construction techniques than ever before.

I think what makes walking on this earth even more fun than jumping jacks is the way we go our own way, and go off trail, instead of jogging. What’s more fun, that is, than jogging: being more self reliant. Blog: Don’t forget the little things! Old blog: Forget the big things. New blog: Forget all your distractions. When I’m stressed- out, I like my life to have a flow.


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