I found myself in the supermarket on Monday morning. I’ve had a few of those moments in the past, and thought I should write down a description of it that I’d be able to figure out by the evening. But unfortunately, my plan to write a poem about it failed miserably. Not wanting to waste good paper, pencils, and pens in my cupboard I had another plan in mind. What followed was some pretty crazy stuff.

The reason this question is important, and the answer so important as to possibly change the world is because this balloon cannot lift a load as heavy as what we assume it can. One hundred billion light-years from us, the nearest star is a mere 100 light-years. The entire mass of this massive floating object could barely lift up a measly 5,600 kilograms of cargo in just 3,000 meters.

We cant wait to get into the ring and test our skills out.

If you are a big fan of the movies “Gone With The Wind” and “The Sound of Music” than you will appreciate this new series. “The Weight of the World is On My Scale!” will begin on May 11th. Each week, a character from the film or musical will appear on the scale and tell you how long it is until he or she can lift a ton of weight.


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