The world of chemistry and physics is quite vast and complex. This video helps you learn about some of the very basics, as well as a few more advanced concepts that will help you to understand the inner workings of each element. In this video, we talk about the various chemical and physical concepts as they can affect each other and affect different layers of chemical reactions.

Learn all about the various forms of intermolecular forces that can occur from an electrostatic interaction to a van der Waal interaction and from the dipole moment.

The last week is coming up and for our last video of this episode, I’m proud to introduce you to the amazing phenomenon of a new wave of science and technology called Quantum and MicroElectromechanical Systems (Q-Micro, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems…

What is a quantum or microelectromechanical system? Q-Micro, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, is the technology youve already heard about or are you new to these wonderful machines? What is MicroElectromechanicaly Systems? The machines are incredibly small and controlled using microscopic mechanical components.

This video will give you insight to the physical processes that lead to changes of state, changes in electric fields, changes in heat transfer at the nanoscale, and changes on the nano scale. The key is to understand the physical structures and how things work and how to make quantum mechanics come to you from the physical world.We discuss the physical mechanisms that are at play and how the quantum phenomena act on various scales.


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