I know that n2 is a very strong chemical and it makes you want to jump for joy but what can it tell you about an individual’s n2 production? One of the things that can be deduced from the equation is that it is not enough to have n2 production to account for what it’s made of.

The way to determine your n2 production is really to think what it is that you are able to produce with that quantity of n2. Now I know that most of you are quite surprised and you think that it is something that is not possible. It is true that most of you that want to make money will not be able to make that amount of money. Some of you will be able to, but many of you are not. This is the same with n2.

As a matter of fact, many people are still in the same situation that they were in. Some say that you cannot create money. They are wrong, you can, and there is nothing you can do about it. What you can do, is change your mindset. The key is to ask yourself, are you living paycheck to paycheck, or making that money through saving and investing? Or are you working part-time? It is true that you cannot do both.


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