In the last couple of years, thanks to some groundbreaking research and new methods of processing, it has finally become possible to use light to analyze the chemical structure of aluminum, and it doesn’t just mean using the “Eureka!” moment to explain what you discovered. In fact, some scientists are already trying to use the light generated from the atoms or small molecules diffusing through the metals to create new kinds of nano-structures that can perform chemical tests.

This is certainly another breakthrough and a tremendous scientific achievement, but that doesn’t mean that it hasnt been tested. To make matters worse, aluminum is used in everything from our smartphones to our refrigerators to our water and even our walls. It is also the key part of a new kind of high pressure sodium battery, a promising new material that looks like carbon.

Scientists are looking for a way to synthesize it. But to be honest, this is not exactly a breakthrough either, since the only place where you could make this material is in extremely cold temperatures. The good news is that it is also possible to do this with a simple process. How does this sound? We make a molten mixture of sodium and aluminum by heating together and quickly cooling.


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