Applying for a job in this competitive industry is lengthy and tiring. And even after you go through all that process, you still may not be able to land a job interview. There are hundreds of other applicants who submit their resumes. Your resume is very important since it contains everything they need to know about you, and your employers make their first impression of you based on that document. When writing your resume, it is very important that you make it unique. You would want to stand out because many panther people have the same or even better experience than you. To make writing easier, you can look for a resume example and use it as a guide. Though there are already guides available online, there are some things that many people overlook or forget to include. Here is a short list of details you should not forget to include when writing your resume. 

Freelance projects

Do not take freelancing lightly. They may seem small and insignificant, but your previous freelancing experiences can help you catch their eyes. The hiring managers can see your efforts. Though you do not have a stable job then, they can see that you are trying different things and exploring. Include your freelance projects, even if it is not directly related to the job you are applying for. Include them in your resume if it is in the same field or if you think the projects are impressive enough. Your freelance projects will also show what kind of responsibilities you’ve handled before, thus reflecting your skills and flexibility. 

Community engagements 

Include your community engagements and volunteers. Adding them to your resume allows the hiring managers to see that you can handle other things well, along with your main responsibilities. This can also reflect your character, which is another very important factor employers look for in their applicants. Aside from showing what other skills you have and how passionate you are, they can see how much you strive to give contributions. If they see how hard-working and considerate you are in your community, they will assume that you are the same in the workplace. 

On-the-Job Training 

The employers do not focus so much on what university you went to or how amazing your grades are. They will look into how you are in eh work area. No matter how amazing your grades are, it is useless if you cannot apply your learnings in real life. That’s why you should not forget to include your relevant on-the-job training experiences. This will show your skills, how well you adapt, and how eager you are to learn.

Now that you have a list of the details that you should not forget to include. Here is a short list of the things that you should avoid or leave out in your resume.

Block of text

The hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes and do not have the time to read them thoroughly, so they just skim through the pages. Putting a block or wall of text is a very bad move. A block of text makes reading difficult and time-consuming Always remember that when creating a resume, it should be organized and easy to read. Keep it short and direct to the points. 

Inaccurate details about your experience

Never put incorrect and dishonest statements and claims. Putting lies and misleading information will greatly make you look bad. A lot of hiring managers are flexible with the requirements. As long as they see that you will be useful to them and have the passion and potential, you can carry it through. So never put incorrect and misleading statements. 

Too many details about your interests

It is good to add information about your hobbies and interest since it can build rapport and reflect your character. But only put the relevant ones. Keep it short because this is a formal document. You are not writing a reflection paper or essay.


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