We’ve been writing about a series of major data breaches involving the U.S. and British business market in recent months. A quick look at the amount of money lost through cyber security breaches will tell you not all partnerships are equal.

It is, but the data is also a good starting point because data is useful for several purposes: it identifies the size of each partner, how many friends you have, and for some, what their interests are. This information reveals to you important data points (you will learn more, if you have not done so already) so that the partner of a mutual decision maker will know what to do (or not) when the time comes for action.

A recent article on CNBC talks about the challenges in the workforce, being over-qualified, a bad attitude on the job and how to overcome these issues. Being a great communicator and listener takes time and a few people can be effective in this role. It takes practice and knowledge to not only stay focused and stay on his or her toes but to recognize when a situation calls for action and to do so calmly but firmly.

A key message here is that the business world, and our own careers, will not give you what you can offer in the partnership. The person with the higher value will always have the advantage, and the relationship cannot be built on your strengths alone. This is a message often forgotten by people looking to get into a partnership, especially those who are employed. It also leads to a new approach to networking with friends.


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