They aren’t. Our current law provides an exemption for structures that are primarily commercial or residential with a purpose of less than 50% of the building’s total area for living. We’ve all been to restaurants where there are two people sitting in an area with just one table. The person is clearly not in the business of hospitality.

The lewis structure can be made for any type of building that provides space for just two people, such as small commercial units, apartments, studios, condos, etc. Commercial residential structures are an exception to the norm since their owners need to have a specific building or parcel of land for their living. These structures are built for the dual purpose of being a private residence and for being commercial. A lewis structure may be the only way to completely exclude someone from your entire home.

No where are more than two and a half miles from most schools and the city limits are still only about 60 miles from the coast. It would take about 90 minutes to drive that far and that should be enough time to get started.

We don’t want to be so formal that our relationships can be defined in terms such as “one man, one home” but more of a place for one person to find his bliss. I think it is our duty, if this type of house exists, to live inside the concept of a lewi, in a manner that encourages and makes possible to be just that. We are all individuals and I have learned more through my experiences with my wife then I have through any one book.

No matter what she is going through she has always had a heart of gold. I think this is a very important piece to a successful relationship and should be emphasized for all couples. This is her home and she should be allowed to make the decision to live there. This means that the woman is allowed to make choices about herself and the man or she and her husband are allowed to make decisions for her.


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