I’ve read that over 2 million people watched the entire episode, and I’m just like, “What?” Is there any truth to the rumor that I don’t do it anymore? Well, no. I do it. I work to turn myself into a better version of myself, and as a result, I’m proud of myself even though I can no longer lift above 135 kg or run a marathon.

I don’t give up. I do it. I work at it. I push myself, and I don’t always listen to my personal preferences, but rather to my inner voice.

I am a stay at home kid who loves working out, watching a good comedy or movie,and taking in as much as possible that life has to offer.I am more than happy to travel (sometimes, or just when needed) to spend time with those who will truly listen to how I am living my life.When you decide life is a gift,you dont think to expect it.you just enjoy it.

People are always saying the best people to work for are the ones who love what they are doing and care about the people around them…how about we start seeing ourselves like that… and love the job as well. A: From your description it sounds like you’re just doing 20 press-ups, maybe 8 in each of them. There aren’t any circuit based exercises or anything for that matter.


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