It has been a little less than a year since we launched debbie to the open market. It had been in private beta for only a few days but it is now the next generation of our product family. Our mission has been to be the smart shoe and stay at the forefront of providing women with fashionable shoe options. It is hard to be a fan of one trend for the better part of a decade. And that is why debbie is the next generation of smart shoes for ladies..

We are excited to unveil our newest product line; debbie. For example, the latest model, the debbie “nordic style” which was just recently introduced, is designed for women who want a higher level of comfort that is both durable yet playful. It is also compatible with most brands of casual running shoes. In short, these shoes are an evolution of the debbie “classic” shoes.

And last, but certainly not least, our brand debbie is built to support you. We understand that when you are a busy mom and working, juggling life, school, and a young child, running is not easy. Our mission is to make running a breeze – by making sure that you don’t need to run at night or with baby/toddler/baby monitor – in the day, when running is a blast and you always get the results you expect.


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