Debbie does Dallas again, a Dallas-Ft. Worth based company that was founded by Debbie McElroy. Since the company started in 1999, Debbie McElroy has seen it’s service as a personal trainer in the medical facility market. This year, Debbie McElroy will host her 30th wedding anniversary party in Dallas. Dallas-Ft. Worth’s most popular event is the one you won’t want to miss…bachelor and bun.

Debbie will host a birthday celebration and bachelorette party, the kind of party where you are greeted while you drive up to the celebration and your car turns around and circles through the crowd (and no, it’s not the most entertaining scene). The event will raise money for the Dallas Chapter of Strength & Health (SW), where Debbie McElroy is the director.

For some reason, I can’t locate a blog that Deb has ever posted and that is why I decided to bring this to you from my own personal website. If you are not already doing so, be sure to check out my own site: The blog for those who don’t know will be titled: ‘The World Is a Garden and We are the Gardening.

Deb will be introducing three new programs to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The first is The Dallas/Ft. Worth Diet & Exercise Challenge. Debbie McElroy will be talking about her newest diet and the benefits of this exercise plan. Debbie will also be taking some questions and answering questions on nutrition. The second is The Dallas Morning News Diet Club. This will be a series of posts for all Dallas-Ft.

While on a visit to an old favorite, I found a really neat and useful post written by a blogger named Robyn. The site has a lot of great information and is easily accessed. In her post, Robyn talks about a “craze” she sees in our country today, a “craze” which should be seen as a warning to everyone.

I know it seems like a lot just by typing out this post, but I want it to be worth every penny because I need to bring something here that will make you think. I am tired of getting stuck into the same old routine and being forced to do all these exercises and work out from the grocery store, on the street, on the treadmill at the gym, even in your bathroom. I want something that will teach me to change just as much as it teaches you.


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