My name is Debbie and I’m the owner and general manager of debbie does dallas 2. When I was working as a college student in Dallas, one of my favorite haunts was the bar we called the “bar out the middle.” The bar we called the bar out the middle was part dance studio, part jazz club where there were plenty of interesting people from all walks of life and different backgrounds mixing and mingling.

When I originally started my blog I didnt want to leave just because I like the bar in the middle of town but what I found was its a wonderful mix of people, of the same age as me, from all different walks of life, coming together and being social in a small but vibrant space. I hope they find their place here and as a result, they are a bigger part of the blog.

If you have a blog and you have heard of Debbi’s Blog, you might’ve probably seen her and the bar a couple of times. What many people don’t know is that she is the owner and general manager of the bar. I got to hang out there a few times and she and her husband had their very own private party as well. The bar was a great place to hang out over some of the best beer in town.

Debbis was my friend, but we didnt see each other that often. Her best friend, who was married at the time, knew how I found her. She found me when she was sitting on the couch talking to a friend of mine, a friend of hers and hers friend. She introduced me to her husband at that time. He asked if I had a job. My friend told me he just didnt get the idea.

One great thing about living in the city is it is a great location to hang out at various bars. For example, I get to go to the jazz club a lot and I love it. But, I like to hang out most of the time at the library. I live about 15 minutes from downtown and because the weather is usually warm most of the time, I like to go there. I go to a couple of the bigger libraries during the weekends.

The library is a great place to get away from the crowds of the city. The weather is nice most of the time. If we lived in a place that wasn’t the city I would love to live in a city that had great outdoor places to play. The library is located just outside Dallas at the junction of Main Street and Main Avenue. This neighborhood is full of restaurants, stores, and a mall that is just a short walking distance from each building.


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