deb do The name deb does is an acronym that stands for Differential Analyzer and Digital. What’s that mean? It is deb’s main job is to analyse an image. For example, you can analyze an image with three main elements as these elements are: brightness and contrast, color saturation and color, and color and brightness.

To be a successful person it is important to be a very active communicator. Deb, my professional mentor, and founder of gave an in depth talk on a recent podcast about this topic on PodcastUnite. is a digital marketing agency providing marketing and IT solutions to businesses and organizations in many different fields. In this blog, we take a look back at the career of Deb and discuss how she started her career and the path to where she ended up today.

deb does The blog is a weekly talk that covers the life of a software engineer as a career that has been a great learning experience so far.Deb used to work in technology with a focus on software and software engineering at the same time. But in 2010 the ‘perfect’ opportunity came along and she chose to change careers. Now, because of this decision, she was unable to finish her first job.


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