Death is where is your sting kjv. It’s one of the most dangerous situations in our lives. So what can we do to avoid and reduce its chance? Do you know what to do if you think you might be hit by a car? How about you might have been stabbed or cut. You would not think these things happen in the same order but people do these things at different times in life.

This blog is about death as a lifestyle. How we handle our lives when we are in danger. How we take care of our loved ones as if they weren’t there all the time. You will also learn how to stop what is going on before something happens. We don’t have to go around and tell people what to do. In fact, telling people what to do doesn’t actually solve the problem. People are people too.

We know people wont agree with what we have said but what we say is true. If you have a concern, be it about how to have a successful relationship or something else, then there is someone out there who will be happy to help you. Your partner also has to stand up for themselves. There is someone out there who will stand up for you when there is a problem.


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